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The complete package. Our Pop-Up bundle is available in various size configurations and gives everything you need to effectively display your message. Complete with case to lectern conversion, this self-contained system is ideal for any promotional campaign.
Our pop-up display frames are constructed from strong, yet lightweight aluminium.
Panels are secured by a fully magnetic locking mechanism and are easily mounted
to create a fast and effective wall for display.
Pop Up stands are versatile and come in a range of sizes.
The case can be turned into a table with a wooden top and
a graphic wrap can be added to further enhance the look of
your Pop Up. Lights can be attached to the top and the end panels can
be illuminated from within to dramatic effect. Graphics or fabric can be added
to the back of the stand if required. There is a wide range of Pop Up furniture
to compliment the system. You can add literture holders, lecturns, plinths,
counters and TV stands.

Pop up counter, an elegant high quality, rapid erect, self supporting
annodised aluminium structure. Simple fully magnetic rail connection
with laminated counter top, shelves, carry bag and magnetic tape supplied.
Quality assured - 5 year guarantee