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Here at iPrint we want to make an impression and not leave one, with this in mind we have looked into ways to reduce the use of harmful chemicals which until now, have been unavoidable in our industry. We now have taken delivery of our
"GREEN" printer the new HP L26500 latex printer, this allows us to produce internal/external graphics without the need for harmful solvent inks and are more durable than eco-solvent inks. We can also print onto biodegradable material or recyclable HP media, this will compliment our existing printers.
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We at iPrint are passionate about all things print. We pride ourselves on being professional, honest, reliable and cost effective. Our philosophy is to provide a ‘One Stop’ shop to our clients, offering the highest level of print services and products. We're all about delivering stress free printing, on time every time. With over 20 years experience in print and design you can be assured that your product is in safe hands.